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art direction
ui + ux
Humanising a hyper niche tech startup for relevance and reach through simplified copy, strategy, art direction and interface design.
Supergiant is a company that specialises in kubernetes technology by helping companies automate their server loads to maximise cost efficiency. This was a project produced under Agencia Nocturna and our strategy was to differentiate the Supergiant brand among everyone else in their industry. We simplified the technical language without undermining the intelligence of our market. We also opted for a central persona, a giant astronaut as the character telling the brand story.
Combining lifeline and exploration ideas for better branding reach.
Supergiant is a Kubernetes experts company that has strong support capabilities to aid clients in lowering their deployment costs while optimising efficiency. With this in mind, the branding direction is a combination of the Lifeline and Exploration concepts.  We’ve taken into consideration the short term and long term goals of the company and created a brand that's approachable, adaptable and relevant.
Design + Strategy
A larger-than-life visual direction that marries the art direction with a simplified UX approach.
But there are a few things Kubernetes can leverage on based on cloud-adoption challenges experienced by users—specifically, cost-efficiency optimizations. This rings true across the market whose increased focus is on cost & resource management, on top of security.

Supergiant is not just a Kubernetes orchestration platform, they provide Kubernetes support and expert assistance for their cost-efficient deployment tools. Supergiant plans to build tools that would help solve the biggest concerns expressed by the market.

But with the various solutions in the market and the expected learning curve attached to the technology, there has to be a stronger case for Kubernetes alone to be the preferred solution.  Kubernetes is relevant to our audience—it works and it has a lot of advantages, the only step needed for Kubernetes and Supergiant to make waves in the industry is by having a more humanised approach through expert support.

Supergiant is the Kubernetes Best Practices Experts.

Establishing itself as the go-to company for expert support, Supergiant allows itself to build a significant number of dev following and in the next 1-3 years; Supergiant is positioned to get a big portion of the tool-kit market as there is a growing number of Kubernetes’ powered companies.
Agencia Nocturna
Design / Strategy / UI + UX
Bonn Lahouti
Head of Marketing
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