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A homegrown mobile app designed for hyperlocal content creation made for local awareness, community building and brand partnerships.
Meanwhile was our first tech project, founded in 2011 and developed in 2014 in the Philippines.

It was a mobile platform that allowed agencies to create hyperlocal news content in collaboration with creators to produce and push more relevant and real-time content. During its time, it has attracted a couple of partners and was approached by Apple to collaborate with the project — unfortunately, due to lack of resources, the project was discontinued.

We also made a cinematic explainer video as an entry to a pitch competition that got the highest scores that allowed us to train in ImpactHub Amsterdam.
Meanwhile was a product born out of frustration.
In 2010, traffic was at a standstill for hours, one night at a southern province in the Philippines. Google Maps hasn't locally implemented its traffic feature and the co-founders were wondering if there was a way to know about this to be able to avoid the time drain and go somewhere else. There were plenty of both national and international news content but none for hyperlocal.

Combining geolocation and twitter-like information snippets, the co-founders decided to design and develop a mobile app to help local citizens generate content for their local community.
Made in the Philippines
Great user experience on horrible bandwidth.
One of Meanwhile's vision was to provide a great user experience for content creation that's on par with world-class mobile apps and unlike nothing in the app store in the category.

During the development of Meanwhile, the local bandwidth in the Philippines was extremely bad for mobile. To help make this issue manageable, the co-founders decided to combine their love for great user experience and old-school journalism by limiting the images submitted by its content creators to black and white. Applying a contrast filter and noise, it allowed the app to manage and serve content better to users especially in remote areas where data is extremely poor.
The Pitch
Studying various successful international startup pitches at the time, the pitch deck and video was crafted to establish the grounds, the problem, the insight and the product solution.
The pitch video was made for the competition and wasn't part of the original launch so the video was rushed within 2 days to make the deadline.

The street shoot was done during a Saturday morning, the additional shots for the co-founders was done at the same time. Fortunately, by this time the app was already a working prototype and a lot of viewers in the pitch was asking if the demo seen in the video was a simulation or a UX prototype but to their surprise, the app was already launched in Apple's App Store.

The script was written on the same Saturday night was briefed for the voice actor in the UK and everything was post-produced the following Sunday. The music was original and was remixing a song from Nujabes and Magnetic Man back in 2010 from an iPad. The video was rendered while being stuck in traffic and was uploaded in a parking lot.
Meanwhile, in Amsterdam...
Jeff Mendoza
Co-Founder / Product
Jason Mendoza
Co-Founder / Brand
Em Sylvestre
Co-Founder / Legal
Pitch Video
McDan Velarde
Demo Shoot
Isaac Doyle
Voice Over
Soundtrack "Nujabes vs Magnetic Man R2"
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