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Rebranding a local beauty clinic to be universally accessible to anyone regardless of age, race, religion, gender, and appearance through communication honesty and relatable branding.
"Gondohfez is originally called Helen Khay Aesthetic Clinic which started with basic aesthetic services in a small private clinic in Pasig with one staff and me.

Just like any startup, we wanted to scale a bit more without losing our core vision so we approached Noct to help us find new opportunities to scale.

When the rebranding happened, we experimented with a lot of communication strategies but ultimately, we chose the one that helps us differentiate with every beauty clinic in the country.

We set up our social media pages and started posting our services. We sourced some new aesthetic machines and equipment that gave quality treatment and effective results without the luxury tag price.

We started getting new clients from teens to mature clients and a lot within the LGBT community. When we offered the HIFU face and body treatment and different laser treatments that were proven effective and affordable, we tripled our monthly clinic traffic and profit. We were able to scale.

It also helped us develop new partnerships in Malaysia to meet with exhibitors and cosmetic companies, and suppliers for the clinic.

We also made sure the experience after was retained and to make sure that it was something our clients were proud of so we always gave cosmetic / maintenance products for new and returning clients and even served them Evian (haha).

In 6 to 7mos running, we were doing very well and the clinic was awarded multiple times during the year and a local newspaper wrote about us. It was a good time."

— Helen Kalany
Co-Founder and Aesthetician, Gondohfez by HK Aesthetics
Open the conversation of beauty to cater to less common patrons of beauty clinics: Male, Seniors, The LGBTQ+ community, etc. to be more inclusive by leveraging on the vibrant and irreverent sub-cultures in the Philippines.
HK Aesthetics was a local clinic located in Manila and was struggling to attract new clients due to over-saturation of beauty clinics in the area. They approached Noct to help understand their business and find new opportunities that may have been overlooked during its original inception.

Noct relaunched HK Aesthetics as "Gondohfez", a crafted word derived from "Swardspeak", or more commonly known as Gay Lingo in the Philippines, to help reposition the company as a more relatable, more inclusive, and more affordable.

Gondohfez by HK Aesthetics was launched as was met with resounding success. The company grew their customer base and managed to scale in a span of 6 months. Gondohfez won multiple awards of excellence in their field and services.
While the strategy for Gondohfez defined a nomenclature with a more grassroots approach, the art direction needed to inspire a premium experience — something that would make its customers feel proud of.
The social media content plan for Gondohfez was about establishing a small beauty clinic as something that would rival more bigger, more established ones in the area at first glance. Noct designed a series of key visuals featuring imagery of faces framed just below the name. The tagline was intentionally made to lack refinement to ground the brand despite a more refined visual communication. The tagline was part of the pitch to HK Aesthetic and was done as a joke but stuck on, so it was used in the final work.
Agencia Nocturna
Design / Strategy / Social Media
HK Aesthetic
Helen Kalany
Founder / Aesthetician
Leah Amarante
Aesthetician / Nurse
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