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A short, pandemic, food startup designed to understand how hyperlocal marketplaces worked during the Covid-19 lockdown.
The 2020 Pandemic created unprecedented changes in the economy, affecting millions of people with their livelihoods in peril due to health safety concerns, lack of access, enforced lockdowns, etc. A lot of affected individuals who lost their jobs as result of multiple waves of recession, created new ways to alleviate lost income through hyperlocal marketplaces. Small towns and villages created a series of home-based startups from food deliveries to home services and these first-time founders went online to market their products and services.

One of the most successful categories during this event were food-related startups.
Create a brand new, premium, flavoured butter to complement and support food products sold in hyperlocal marketplaces.
Butter Fairchild has a unique "ad hoc" art direction. It was created while the product was being made in the kitchen.
The creators of Butter Fairchild have always wanted to design and create a product that they themselves would be proud of if it was placed in a deli or a supermarket. The art direction was basically inspired from everything that the creators love: Traveling, Painters, Typography, Picnics, etc. It was a collection of things that they love that all cascaded down to the flavours of the Butter.

The product photography was done in ad-hoc mode as well. As soon as the product was put into jars, labels printed and pasted on, the team took the good minutes of a golden hour to shoot the product photography using stuff that the team has at that time of creating the products.

Evoking a feeling of traveling and sight-seeing, explorations helped alleviate the lockdown anxieties.
Product Photography
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Suggested food pairings were inspired from pairing the most expensive butter (Balsamic Truffle) into the cheapest pair we could find (day-old bread) to contrast and combine affordability and a premium product experience.
Butter Fairchild
Jeff Mendoza
Product, Design and Photography
Che Mendoza
Product, Styling
Marjorie Cadiz
Arlene Wilkerson
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